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About Us

At Diamond Jewels, we understand jewellery and take an intimate approach to create a meaningful and professional relationship with our clients in creating their vision of a perfect piece, be it for a Wedding or a special occasion. Your jewellery may celebrate and represent happiness, life and achievements, we understand what your piece represents and value its significance. Whether you wear your jewellery as a token of love, relationships or achievements in life, we value the significance it represents so we create every piece with passion and desire. 

Whether you are creating your piece for a loved one or as a gift to yourself, we are here for you in anticipation of that moment when you first open the box and see the sparkle of your diamond, when you wear it, or that special moment when you surprise your loved one with it.

About Us

As specialist Gemologists, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and creativity in aligning ourselves with you to envision, create and deliver the perfect moment for the perfect piece of jewelry. 

We understand that seeing the sparkle of your piece for the first time is a pinnacle moment when you open your box. This is why we value your input whilst we collaborate with you to design and craft your special piece.



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